Grecian California in Mui Ne: A Review of Staying at Sunsea Resort

I said it before in the profile for Sunsea Resort and I’ll say it again: a walk through this resort evokes feelings of a Grecian king’s home mixed with a cool, California beach club. The architecture here radiates with clean lines and a classy blend of woods and lacquers, imported marble and granite with vaulted ceilings on the top floor. Enjoy the pool view suites and thatched roofs in the beachside bungalows. The styling is such a sweet melding of Asian and European influences. The French owner told me that for years he took note of the simple and decadent styling and décor that he experienced in his travels. He put all of those little details into Sunsea and had almost everything custom made for his resort.

The styling creates an ambience and setting of upscale, modern yet classic comfort. When I arrived, I didn’t know what to expect from a “boutique hotel resort” in Mui Ne, but now I see that it means a small-scale quality hotel where the number of rooms and guest capacity is limited, so the comfort and exclusivity is maximized. The service is more personal, amenities are less crowded and more private than bigger hotels.

I stayed in a pool view suite and I loved being able to go to the pool when it was completely empty during the day and night to enjoy a remote, calm swim. I also enjoyed walking up to the main pool by the ocean to catch a bit more action, but still feel like I was part of an elite crew of guests, privy to the humble yet impressive grounds of Sunsea Resort.

The impressive visual of the main pool - and this is where the Grecian/California cool part comes in again - sunning loungers are set under four-poster beds covered with draped white linens flapping in the wind. The beds line the infinity-style swimming pool. At the far end of the pool front, the resort is lined by towering palm trees, fiercely protecting the atmosphere of relaxation and solitude. Across from the pool is Sukothai Restaurant, which serves up the best Thai dishes you can find in Mui Ne, as well as Vietnamese and European options, and of course, the very impressive (included) a la carte breakfast menu!

In the restaurant and bar, I was also pleased with how many different choices of seating arrangements are available. You can hop on a stool at the sleek bar front, take a table for two or for a group in the comfortable and elegant dining area, or lounge on a wicker bench-sofa positioned forward to view the ocean while sipping a craft cocktail or enjoying an exotic Thai green curry.

Everything about the set-up of the rooms and the resort grounds is utterly relaxing and cool. Even the bathrooms are incredibly smart and fun! In the beachside bungalows you can enjoy your outdoor bath under the stars, and in the pool view suites you can use the remote to draw up the curtains over the glass wall, which separates the contemporary bathroom from the bedroom. The amenities are designed with such unique strategy, that the settings are perfect for a solo stay, a romantic stay for a couple, or a comfortable stay with family or friends.

I’d suggest opting for a beachside bungalow for ultimate comfort and unique accommodation. The proximity of the beach, restaurant, main pool and the fact that you can enjoy a morning coffee on your porch with sounds of the ocean make this a great option. However, the stylish modernity of the pool view rooms with the top floor option with balcony or the bottom floor option of adjoining rooms for families or friends are sure bets to provide an impressively satisfying stay as well. That’s the thing about Sunsea - the choices are there to cater to your desires. Personally, I loved having the private balcony so I could do yoga in the morning with the view of the crystal blue pool and tropical flowers. I’m sure that this is one of the most impressive resorts in Mui Ne and it is bound to captivate most types of folks. The only thing I fear for you is the return to the bustling real world outside of this sleek, all too relaxing and comforting Sunsea Resort.