Best Expats in Binh Duong

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Vietnam team

If you are relocating to Vietnam or just visiting for a longer period of time you'll be happy to know all services you need can be found with high international standards.

Whether you are looking for a hospital, dentist, visa office, pharmacy, or motorbike rental you will find it with ease. All the bigger cities, for example Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City and Nha Trang offer these facilities and more. If you know where to go, you will appreciate the high international standards you are used to. In Vietnam, hospitals specialize in sectors rather than provide everything. There are hospitals for women and children, bones, brain, ear/eye/nose and so on. There are many international hospitals that use the same latest technology and procedures that are practiced back home. The dentists and pharmacies offer high quality treatments with the same equipment and medicine that is used in Western countries. To get a visa or extend it, you can contact one of the professional companies that offer this service. For motorbike rental you can contact many different places that will provide motorbikes with contracts for days, months or even a year.