Vietnam Regional Info (App Version)

In Vietnam, you'll find some of the most welcoming people, beautiful coastlines, and highest quality of food prepared with centuries-old recipes. In this diverse land, you are sure to have a trip that is unique, filled with unforgettable experience! You can enjoy the highest of luxuries and primitive civilizations all in a matter of hours. We'll be waiting for you!

Did you know, Vietnam is home to the largest cave in the world, called Son Doong Cave, and it was just discovered in 1991. Its biggest chamber is five kilometers long, 200 meters high, and 150 meters wide!  

Though Vietnam is a developing country, the total adult literacy rate was 97% as of 2009.

Vietnam was rated the 2nd best value vacation destination by Skyscanner.

Vietnam has been rated the 2nd happiest country by The Happy Planet Index.

Life expectancy at birth from 2010-2015 is 73.4 for men and 77.4 for women.


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Why visit Vietnam?

Tourism continues to drastically increase in Vietnam. In the year 2000, Vietnam hosted nearly 2.5 million visitors and in the year 2014 they hosted almost 8 million visitors. That’s more than triple the guests to this magical country and some people in the world may wonder why! Living here, it’s obvious why people want to see this country and meet its people, however, due to the country’s not so distant past filled with war and European occupancy, this country has not been regarded as a peaceful place for vacation. That has all changed though and rest assured, Vietnam has something special for everyone.

City Life

Ho Chi Minh City, previously known and still referred to as Saigon, is the largest commercial hub in Vietnam. It boasts an impressive list of 5 star resorts, perfectly landscaped parks throughout, expensive but high quality meals right down to cheap but delicious street food. You’ll find very welcoming people in this city and you’ll find that your needs can be met here to the same standard expected in the western world.

Hanoi is quite unique as it functions in today’s world on the business front with diversified economic interests and international relations. However, Hanoi is one of the cities that has been able to preserve its seemingly out of place European-style architecture through the years. French inspired, this city will forever change the image in your head of what Vietnam looks like!

Mountains and beaches

If you’re an outdoors person, Vietnam has dedicated immense resources to preserving and restoring natural beauty everywhere. In the far north, close to the border of mainland China, there are hill tribes that farm rice and live their whole lives without the use of electricity and running water. You can visit here to embark on a strenuous trek through the forest to discover waterfalls and hidden treasures of your own. You can relax in the beautiful little town and take in one of the many traditional and cultural activities hosted by the “Stone Church of Sapa” in the town center.

And as far as beaches go, Vietnam’s got plenty of options along the coast, including islands! It just depends on what you’re looking for in your beach environment. Mui Ne is kite surfing paradise as the winds are just right. You’ll find plenty of high end resort and budget accommodation options, though Nha Trang seems to be a more popular option for those seeking a wider range of water sports like jet skiing and parasailing. Nha Trang has all the water sports you could want and is convenient to visit whether you’re traveling north to south or vice versa. There are really too many places to list, however, Halong Bay is one of the more unique places to take a dip as you’ll be surrounded by thousands of islands. It’s popular to take a day or overnight cruise while here, with many fully accommodating options!

Come see Vietnam. You will be happy you did!