Public Holidays

Main Holidays

  • Tet (Vietnamese New Year): We cannot tell you the exact date, as it changes each year! Tet generally takes place at the end of January or early February, as it follows the Moon calendar and the holiday is celebrated for three days, at least. Most businesses will re-open after this initial celebration period, however, it’s not unusual for people to take a week or longer off of  work or for a vacation.
  • Liberation of Saigon: 30 April
  • International Worker’s Day: 1 May
  • Hung  Vuong King’s Memorial Day: 10 March (lunar calendar)
  • Vietnamese National Day: 2 September

Other Holidays

  • 3 February: Communist Party of Viet Nam Foundation Anniversary
  • 8 March:  International Women's Day
  • 7 May:  Dien Bien Phu Victory Day
  • 19 May: President Ho Chi Minh's Birthday
  • 1 June: International Children's Day
  • 27 July: Remembrance Day (Day for Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers)
  • 19 August:  August Revolution Commemoration Day
  • 10 October:  Capital (Hanoi) Liberation Day
  • 20 October:  Vietnamese Women's Day
  • 20 November:  Vietnamese Teacher's Day
  • 15 January (Lunar Calendar): Lantern Festival (Full moon of the 1st month)
  • 15 April (Lunar Calendar): Buddha's Birthday
  • 5 May (Lunar Calendar): Mid-year Festival
  • 15 July (Lunar Calendar): Ghost Festival
  • 15 August (Lunar Calendar):  Mid-Autumn Festival
  • 23 December (Lunar Calendar):  Kitchen guardians

Local Tip: Careful to book ahead when travelling during the busy Tet time! Some services such as government offices, hospitals, shopping centers and supermarkets may be closed on the days surrounding the Lunar New Year (typically 1 day before, as well as the first 2 days of the Lunar New Year). Expect the big cities to be more deserted than usual, as many locals travel to their hometowns to celebrate this holiday with family.