Sketching Vietnamese History

Sat Jul 9th 2016 to Tue Aug 2nd 2016

Event Details

'Sketching Vietnamese History' is the first large-scale solo exhibition by senior artist Quach Phong. A project two years in production, the exhibition showcases but a fraction of what Quach Phong dreams this entire endeavor to be. On view, you will find two paper scrolls, each almost 50-meter long, with gouache sketch of events, beginning with the legendary era of Hung Kings two thousand years BC until the early Le Trung Hung era in the 1500s.
This exhibition will also include the first 12 lacquer panels that bring these scroll-sketches to life, alongside an extensive video interview with the artist sharing his motivations. This ongoing labor of love is envisaged to eventually depict the history of Vietnam to the present day, determined to produce these images in lacquer as a major public art piece – as a monument to Vietnam.
Opening date: Saturday, 9 July 2016 | from 6PM
Exhibition date: from 9 July to 2 August | Tue - Sun | from 9AM to 5PM
@ HCMC Museum of Fine Arts
97 Pho Duc Chinh, D1, HCMC